Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

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Grand Theft Auto V Review

Grand Theft Auto V™ for PS4 is an action game, which takes place in a huge free-roam location of the fictional Los Santos city. Play for 3 characters at the same time, explore accurate recreation of Los Angeles, establish your dominance in the criminal world and launch your own crime syndicate online. Download Grand Theft Auto V™ to know what it takes to survive in the streets!   

Graphics 5/5

The game takes place in Los Santos, which is nearly identical to the City of Los Angeles. It even has clones of Hollywood and Beverly Hills — Vinewood and Rockford Hills. Grand Theft Auto V™ system requirements won’t be merciful — the game’s size is 18 GB minimum. But in return you’ll get a whole universe to explore:

  • City’s outskirts, infested with gangs;
  • Rich and fancy downtown;
  • Lonely desert areas;
  • Countryside run by yokels and bikers.  

Seasoned with A+ animation, particle, lighting/shadow effects, and smooth physics, GTA 5 will let you experience almost a realistic gang fight. Plus every weapon gives an individual tactile feel via the controller. The LS’s streets, villages, abandoned buildings, ports, stores, etc. have a unique atmosphere each, thanks to the sound ambiance.

Gameplay 5/5

This Grand Theft Auto V™ review guarantees that you'll get nearly infinite content to savor. There's the main story in which you help three heroes — Trevor, Michael, and Franklin — save their lives from corrupt officials and mobsters and pull the biggest score in their antisocial careers.

At the same time, there's a whole bunch of side stuff to do:

  •         Ghost hunting;
  •         UFO spaceship parts collecting;
  •         Ambushing money trucks;
  •         Doing assassinations;
  •         Purging streets from the rival gangs;
  •         Investing in the stock market;
  •         Organizing robberies and heists;
  •         Watching in-game exclusive TV shows;
  •         Taking Chop the Rottweiler for a walk.

And even saving random people from death. Every minute something happens in Grand Theft Auto V™ full game. But if you'd like to try something new and team up with your friends to kickstart a cartel — there's the Grand Theft Auto V™ game online. Do daily challenges, feud with other gangs, dress in the 80's style and walk around with an M134 Minigun copy — barely anyone can stop you. 

Controls 5/5

The game has intuitive and classic PS4 controls. Some of the buttons have a few actions assigned, but it's not confusing at all. E.g., L1 must be held for the weapon wheel and tapped to arm/disarm the recent gun. Note: cheats can be activated via the cellphone (press the UP button).

Replay Value 5/5

GTA is practically limitless when it comes to its content. To beat every single quest, mission and find every funny/scary hidden secret means to invest tens of hours. Plus GTA 5 latest version has about 10 DLCs with brand new content and perks to try.


Grand Theft Auto V™ price is only $19.99, and the game is 200% worth its money. From Rockstar's iconic humor to massive gang wars. From cinematic race scenes to deafening explosions and bullet storms — the game will make you return to LS hoods & streets many times.


Download Grand Theft Auto V™ to let Los Santos outlaws know, who's the biggest and the baddest!

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

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